Welcome to Equinor Storage Deutschland

Equinor Storage Deutschland GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Equinor Deutschland GmbH.

Our core business is marketing storage services and operating the gas storage facility Etzel Gas-Lager near Wilhelmshaven, which has a total storage capacity of approximately 1,200 million cubic metres of natural gas. Our office is located in Friedeburg-Etzel.

Firm withdrawal capacity: 312,840 Nm3 per hour

Working gas capacity 191.68 Million Nm3  

Firm injection capacity 169,501 Nm3 per hour 

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About the storage facility: Etzel Gas-Lager 


The facility at Etzel near Friedeburg consists of 19 salt caverns in which natural gas is stored at high pressure at over a thousand metres below the earth’s surface.  

The caverns are cylindrical cavities that have been leached out in the underground salt formation. They are oil and gas-tight. The average cavern is around 620 metres deep, 35 metes in diameter, and has a geometric volume of around 580,000 cubic metres.

In the past, natural gas storage facilities have predominantly been used to compensate for seasonal fluctuations in demand. Today, however, they are also used as a flexible means of optimising supply, as a reserve in the event of supply problems, and on an hourly basis to counterbalance surpluses and shortfalls. 

ISO Certification

Equinor Storage Deutschland  GmbH is certified in accordance with the following standards: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004. OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 50001:2011.

0 Average cavern depth
0 Cavern diameter
0 Cavern volume

How to make an application for storage 

To submit a request for storage, please read the guidelines below before submitting your request. 

The published available capacities of Equinor Storage Deutschland  GmbH may not be exceeded.

Gas quality

Gas intended for storage must conform to the standards laid down in the DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) Code of Practice G 260, 2nd Family Gases (DVGW-Arbeitsblatt G 260, 2. Gasfamilie).

Terms and conditions

When processing your request, Equinor Storage Deutschland  will need to check your credit rating. You are requested to provide us with the necessary information (business reports) as promptly as possible. Additionally, our General Terms and Conditions apply (available under Downloads).

For us to be able to process your request it must contain, please send an e-mail to gm_SDS@equinor.com including the information below, or fill out the gas storage request form below: 

  •  Volume of working gas in m³
  •  Entry capacity in m³/h
  •  Exit capacity in m³/h
  •  Length of time
    (from: day, month, year to: day, month, year)
  •  Transporter
  •  Company
  •  Street name and number
  •  Postcode and Town
  •  Contact person
  •  E-mail address
  •  Telephone number


We ensure full transparency on our storage business operations. Please see the links and downloads below for more information about applicable laws, contracts and regulations. 

More information can be found in the GSE Transparency Template under https://agsi.gie.eu

Contacting Equinor Storage Deutschland  

In case of any questions regarding our storage business, please send us an e-mail to gm_sds@equinor.com

Head office 

Equinor Storage Deutschland  GmbH
Conradsweg 5
D-26446 Friedeburg- Etzel

Phone   +49 4465- 9442- 0
E-mail  gm_sds@equinor.com 

If you want to explore job opportunities with us, please see our corporate website, www.equinor.com/careers